The corner store and the lock on the door, It all still remains

I didn’t know the price of gold, hell I was just hoping for change

Burning tires starting wild fires, we couldn’t find a star in the sky

Young Americans with smoke in our lungs

We would park the car and drain the battery dry



When you’re back in town, I’ll call you, and we could sing the black light blues

We’d drive down to the diamond, and listen to the black light blues


Rudy talked and your brother walked, the rest ended up in the hall

We got off like 10 cent cops, cleaning spray paint off the walls

Your old man he’s doing fine, just dealing with the highs and the lows

He’s been sleeping it off at the Southern Cross

It’s hard keeping track of scattered crows




I hear ghosts reside in an old dog’s eyes; I swear they follow me home

Do they know I’m in need of the company or are they here just digging up bones?




Won’t you pick up the phone, I miss talking to you

Won’t you pick up the phone, I miss singing the black light blues




When we were young we shined like the sun

Chased the devil down the streets of Duluth

Twin city freight trains crossing the Great Plains

Searching through the dog days of youth


The end of a workday, light fades on lampshades

We’d sit in our old Chevrolet

You’re silhouette, close to my chest

We’d stop to catch our breath



Dashboard light, shines down an empty street

Genevieve, you would wait for me


You and Lucy back in St. Louis

Laughing in the rose room dim

We danced by the jukebox, bourbon on three rocks

God, just as pretty as sin




Lips like rose hips

I can still find them in the dark

You washed your hair in the Tule fog

My Angel of the roadside dogs






Empty spaces just killing time

I’ve been tracing the same old lines

Tenpenny nails and bone on bone

Stick frame building another man’s home


I wore my pistol on my hip

Like broken crystal on a sinking ship

Wasted hours and bar stool tans

A Shasta daisy in my dirty hands

My dirty hands



I found shelter in my baby’s arms

I found shelter in my baby’s arms


Broke down pick-up, just one last haul

Poaching copper from sheet rocked walls

Who knew the love for our own blood

I once was buried, but now dug up

I’ve been dug up baby






Woke up stuck to my sheets

Bleeding from my mouth, breathing through broken teeth

Everything I own is in the ashtray by the phone

My ex-girlfriend’s necklace and my last wet and reckless

I need a change, yeah


Someone showed me a Facebook page

How happiness can come in so many ways

But I know she wears that same perfume

With a different man in a different room



Do you ever shake and lie awake

And wonder

If you were made for Better days


I went to see the doctor

He said, “you’ve been gone for so long

you got to slow down, you’re check engine light’s on.”

I said, “doc, I can’t eat, no I can’t sleep

I’m in and out of love, but mostly in between.”




I remember slapping the dash

To “Jumpin Jack Flash”

Laying on our backs all lyrics and dreams

When I get low, I miss my home

I miss my home or some place I know






Your new look keeps the vultures at bay

You gave up the ghost of those younger days

But they’re still here and they’re circling low

The less you love the more they show


Trolling bars with a soldier’s joy

You fight hard for a mamma’s boy

But two by two the cops showed up

They took you down on Eli’s truck



Just when you think you’re on your own

You can’t do this alone

It’s a hard hard world

Yeah you need some easy, easy love

You need some easy, easy love


I saw Maria down in China Town

Carving hearts in the cold ground

I said Maria, “Why’d I leave ya

It gets so cold honey and now I need ya.”






Sunrise in the shadows, black coffee on my tongue

Wayward with the moments, try to catch the rising sun

Through the redwood fog and morning light, I can see her on the other side

Across the railroad tracks where we'd go - to go get high


Broken seashells, sunken ships, I still taste the salt on her lips

Sweet madrone and eucalyptus, don't forget to kiss your Mrs.

You never lose what you hope to, no just the ones your close to

Oh Lord, won't you help me do as I'm supposed to



Drifting out at sea, oh, won't you set me free

Let your waves break down on me, while we’re drifting out at sea

Drifting, I've been drifting alone at sea

Drifting, she's been drifting away from me


Crosstown sippin' Greyhounds, I'll send a letter if I make it there

See I'm old enough to know better, but too young to care

There’s no pictures in my wallet, no just miles in my shoes

The ace up my sleeve is I got nothing to lose






I know we’ll leave like the ones before making shadows on the walls

But if our love goes unloved is it love at all?

If a heavy load and grinding gears bring you to your knees

May mercy be in the river’s grace and the wind through the trees


If we lose our crops to a killing frost show me where to prune

The bitter cold of the winter months brings a gold harvest moon

If every place is displaced, our fruit trees grow bare

Will we fall on our swords; will anybody care?



Be not too proud to lose Child, through loss we are born

Be not too proud to love Child, through life we are sworn

Be not too proud to beg Child, for the peace of the wild

Peace of the wild, Peace of the wild


Watch us run like a canyon fire down through the valley below

A wild vine yearly dying we resurrect our home

We’re losing time so share your wine, and hold the one you love

Keep light in your heart and mind, and lightning in your blood






The Black Mesa boys know

Low pueblo girls

There mama’s hands pray

Pray their souls to keep

Pray their souls to keep


Jimmy knows the handshake

Where the water flows

Knows the sound a car makes

Leaving on a red dirt road

Leaving on a red dirt road



Where do they go?

The Black Mesa Boys

They want to know

Just how to get home


Lowriders drive by

In airbrushed war paint

They wear dark sunglasses

They wear ‘em like pachuco saints

They wear ‘em like pachuco saints




Crooked rows of corn blow

Straight in the storm

Jimmy found every word

Buried where he was born


Street hustling rattle cans

Green chilies in the park

Jimmy washed the blood from his hands

Walked right through the dark

He walked right through the dar




Papa was an Indian, from West Mexico

Kept his back to the sun, his arms to the barrio

Mijo - listen, a man’s gotta do his share

I just kept my head down, Three Flowers in my hair

Three Flowers in my hair, Three Flowers in my hair


Standing on the front porch, last light on the street

You know I wear my fade low, I keep my pants creased

Mamma’s in the kitchen, masa in the air

I start the engine, Three flowers in my hair

Three Flowers in my hair, Three Flowers in my hair


Slipping down the back street, 5-0 rolling slow

Chico man selling mixed tapes, Hollers if they show

Ladies love my Lincoln, suckas want my share

Always thinking, Three Flowers in my hair

Three Flowers in my hair, Three Flowers in my hair




With ribbons in your hair you gave yourself away

Our love was young love we swore it to our grave

Now we’re criminals of comfort, honey you know the cause

Oh lover, the way we’re going we’ll just be breaking laws



The way this fire started was two matchsticks in the rain

The first one burned out, the second - it became our flame


We could settle down, in a neighborhood serene

I could keep you warm; you could keep our garden green

Yes, but day gives way to night, and I’m just as weak as you

Oh lover, I swear to be true, but some hearts just bleed the blues.




I know you love to dance; I’m always stepping on your feet

Oh lover, if you hold me close I just might feel the beat